Strategy isn't a service; it's an approach that underlies everything we do. We help our clients make smart, strategic decisions and collaborate with them to create metrics of success.

Building and/or growing a personal brand is not one-size fits all, so Firestarter has multiple options to help clients create, enhance, and/or protect this most valuable asset.

Reputation Consulting AND Management

Provides analysis, solutions, and general expertise to help clients identify and articulate their brand differentiators and successfully raise their overall visibility and valuation.


Provides half or full-day training to staff or individuals interested in learning how to get the most out of their personal brand to elevate their reputation.

Visibility Strategies

Ensures that clients strategically leverage social and earned media via owned content and community engagement to craft their personas and get their messages seen and heard.

Philanthropy Development

Provides assistance, guidance, and growth of brand through targeted philanthropic endeavors.


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