39 Tips for Life, Love, and Personal Branding

Today marks my 39th trip around the sun. Most people decide to become reflective when they turn 40 or even 41, but I’m not most people. Those who know me well know that demonstrating patience and following the crowd aren’t my strong suits.

In honor of my birthday, I wanted to share with you 39 pieces of wisdom I’ve learned about life, love, leadership, success, and, of course, personal branding.

  1. Find a place that refuels your soul.
  2. Master public speaking.
  3. It’s never, ever okay to FaceTime or talk on speaker phone in public.
  4. Just because someone has a bigger platform doesn’t make them better or smarter than you. Put on blinders and keep working toward your goals.
  5. You never wear the jersey of a team that isn’t playing. You never wear the t-shirt of the band that’s performing.
  6. There’s no blue print for the perfect personal brand.
  7. Happily ever after is different for everyone. Figure out yours and follow that dream.
  8. The left lane is for passing.
  9. Turning into your parents isn’t always such a bad thing.
  10. Professionally and personally, always give more than you get. Don’t worry, the universe will reward you.
  11. You’re the only person who knows what size you’re wearing. Buy the size that makes you look your best, not the size you think will impress others.
  12. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re letting the other person off of the hook. Forgiveness is letting yourself off of the hook.
  13. The person in the middle seat gets both armrests. End of discussion.
  14. If you have at least one friend who loves you unconditionally you have all the friendship you need.
  15. Learn to be direct but diplomatic.
  16. More social media isn’t always better. It’s okay to be a one-trick social media pony.
  17. On dating apps, always look at all of a person’s pictures.
  18. Never leave the house without your business cards and an elevator pitch. You never know who you’ll meet.
  19. Quit with the emotional cutting. Deal with your baggage and move on.
  20. If you have to ask someone to do the right thing, that person likely stopped caring about what’s right a long time ago.
  21. It’s okay to say that you don’t know. Even if you’re supposed to be the expert, it’s better to admit that you don’t know than share incorrect information.
  22. Travel and read as much as possible.
  23. Always be leery of people who can buy their own justice.
  24. In a relationship or not, take yourself on dates.
  25. Caring about your health is cool.
  26. Ladies, ask him first. Regardless if you want a dance or a date, ask him first. He’ll be glad you did.
  27. Attorneys, accountants, repairmen, nurses, stylists, educators, and editors are friends you’ll never regret having.
  28. When in doubt, send a handwritten note.
  29. People who have to tell you they’re funny, usually aren’t.
  30. Saving money is cool.
  31. One more glass of wine and one more piece of cheese is always a good idea.
  32. Give back as much as you can to the greater good.
  33. Always be willing to say yes. Know when it’s time to say no.
  34. Understand what it means to act with integrity.
  35. Allow the other person to exit then you may enter the building.
  36. Be firm with where you stand on the existence of ghosts and aliens.
  37. Indulge your creative outlet as much as possible.
  38. Always make sure your reputation is stronger than your brand.
  39. Laugh. At yourself. At everything possible. The ability to find humor, especially when all around you is dark, will make all of the difference.

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