FIRESTARTER, GLOBAL SPORTS MANAGEMENT ANNOUNCE FORMAL PARTNERSHIP Partnership will expand GSM’s offerings to include personal brand services Washington, DC-Virginia-based personal brand consulting firm Firestarter announced today an exciting partnership with international sports agency,

Personal Brand Bootcamp

In today’s online world your personal brand is being developed with or without your participation. Get in the driver’s seat and learn how to create and grow your most valuable professional asset: your brand. In this session attendees will learn step-by-step how to build and mainta

We’re All Toothpaste

Over the past several weeks there has been conflicting information regarding whether personal brand building is relevant to professional services professionals. Forbes Magazine recently released an article outlining the PR Trends for 2018. The very first trend mentioned was personal

Summertime is the perfect time for your personal brand

Summertime. The glorious three months of the year where our lives get a little slower and a whole lot more enjoyable. We take a moment to breathe and can actually hear ourselves think. So, naturally this is the perfect time to create a strategy for your personal brand! Not so much? Well, hear

Are you ready to focus on your brand?

By now, especially if you follow me, you’ve heard a lot about personal branding. You’ve likely even seen others making an attempt to define their brand and raise their overall visibility. What likely is still unclear is what goes on behind the scenes and how much work is (or isn&r

Remaining World Class: How athletes can proactively transition their personal brand into retirement

I know I’m not the first person (or will be the last) to congratulate you on a successful career. Your many years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice now affords you the right to peacefully ride off into the sunset. What I don’t need to remind you is that you’re still yo

Personal Branding Tips for Graduates

Congratulations on recently graduating! Whether it was with honors or you just barely squeaked by, this is a major milestone in your life and you should take a moment to feel the pride. Okay, moment’s over. Time to get to work! Social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram ar

#Talktome Tuesday

Each Tuesday from 12:00 to 2:00 PM ET I am online to answer your personal branding questions!

Personal branding tips for the undrafted  

This year’s NFL draft has come and gone. You may not have been selected as a top pick, but you know this isn’t the end of the road. There are many more avenues to pursue before you hang up your cleats. Please remember, though, that the average pro football career is around four ye

Spring Clean Your Personal Brand

Your garage, yard, and closet are not the only things that could use a little spring cleaning. Your personal brand should be another item on your to do list. During the hustle and bustle of the winter months your personal brand likely suffered a little neglect. Below are a few tips to ensure