Taking Your Personal Brand Beyond the Basics

Kudos, if this is not your first rodeo when it comes to personal brand development. You’ve got thousands of Twitter followers. Your LinkedIn account is world-class. You’ve been paid to speak a time or two. You may even have additional content like a book or a podcast. You’ve

Real Engagement is The New Black

So, you’ve lost some Twitter Followers… If you’ve noticed a drop in your Twitter followers recently it’s likely due to the platform’s recent crackdown on suspicious accounts. While this is the social media platform’s largest effort to date, it isn’t

5 Things Sabotaging Your Personal Brand Growth

If you heeded the advice in my previous blog (Summertime is the perfect time for your personal brand), then throughout the summer you’ve been busily working on developing your personal brand. Whether you’ve been developing your brand for the past six weeks or the past six years, t

The Unfollow Faux Pas

Unfollow button

You: You unfollowed me? Why? What did I do? Contact: What? No! Contact: Oh, I guess I did. I’m working with a guy to help clean up my accounts and he must have unfollowed you. You: … Contact: I’ll tell him to reconnect! Sorry! If you’ve been on either side of this con

Making the Most of Your Speaking Engagement

Serving as a paid or pro bono speaker is an excellent way to expand your personal brand and build followers. Whether you’re new to the speaking circuit or a seasoned professional, the best way to get the next speaking opportunity is by making the most of your latest appearance. Below ar

Is Your Brand Draft Ready?

Draft time is quickly approaching for both the NFL and NBA—the moment countless young men have spent the better part of their athletic careers preparing for. Draft day is about so much more than how well an athlete plays his respective sport. Much attention is also paid to how an athlet

Dating Profile Hacks for Guys

Guys, dating is the digital age is hard. But it doesn’t have to be! Let me show you how to apply the personal branding tactics I use every day to help my clients achieve professional success to your dating profile. This 60-minute session is designed to provide men with tips an

3 Reasons Why Personal Brand Consulting Can Help Your Career

The concept of personal branding is not a fad. I should know, I live it every day. That said, most people are still unclear as to why they should invest time, money, or both into developing their personal brand. Your personal brand is the one professional asset you own. Its success or failure

Remaining World Class: How athletes can proactively transition their personal brand into retirement

Whether your professional athletic career ends due to injury or through planned retirement, stepping away from the proverbial spotlight for many can be traumatic. One way to lessen the sting of this life change is to have a plan

Building a Coaches’ Brand for More Effective Recruiting 

Nowadays, coaches have to worry not only about outsmarting opponents on the field. They also must outwork rivals on social media, using videos, graphics, and hashtags to attract the best players. With most top-tier programs in the know, how can your program stand out? The answer lies with str