A Student-Athlete’s Guide to Selecting a Marketing Agent

After years of debate, collegiate student-athletes are now on the cusp of being able to profit from their name, image, and likeness. With seven states preparing to enact NIL legislation on July 1, 2021, a buzz is growing in the worlds of sports and business that is unlike anything I&rsqu

4 Tips for Student-Athletes to Grow Their Brand

Hoop and money

With comprehensive, division-wide guidance regarding name, image, and likeness (NIL) likely still months away, many student-athletes are left wondering what they can do to prep their brand for whatever lies ahead.  Here are four simple ways to prep your brand for future monetization, the

NCAA vs Alston: What that means for name, image, and likeness

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Today, March 31, 2021, the Supreme Court will finally hear the arguments in the antitrust case of NCAA vs. Alston. For those who are unaware, back in January, the NCAA voted to indefinitely delay providing guidance regarding how student-athletes could profit from their name, image, and l

Building a Foundation: An Athlete’s Guide to Launching a Charity

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Athletes and coaches most typically launch what’s known as a private foundation, a nonprofit formed, funded, and controlled by a small group of individuals. Private foundations are subject to several operating restrictions not applicable to public charities. They must donate at least 5%

Brand Tips for Professional Athlete Charities

Launching a charitable organization is an effective way for an athlete to grow their personal brand and give back to the greater good. If run effectively, the charity has the ability to amplify and extend an athlete’s legacy well beyond their chosen sport. Based on my almost 20 years of

Building a Better Transfer Bio

As teams and conferences began to announce a cancellation or delay of the 2020 football season, I received many messages asking how to craft an effective transfer bio. After consulting with 25 DI head and assistant coaches, I’ve developed tips to help an athlete catch a new team’s

Brand Building for the Introvert Athlete

Mastering personal brand building is challenging. For those who are introverted or don’t prefer the spotlight, brand building can feel like their own personal Everest. As I’ve frequently noted, for collegiate and professional athletes, coaches, and administrators, it’s vital

Pivoting Your Brand – The old you vs. the new you

The coronavirus pandemic has forced pretty much everyone to rethink or completely redesign their lives. For some, it’s meant finding a new or altered way to do business or stay relevant. For others, it’s meant ending a career and starting all over. Throughout the past four months,

The importance of teaming up with the right partner

Towson University AD Leonard discusses brand partner

“Towson’s coaches and athletes do amazing things every day and I’ll create any opportunity I can to make sure the world knows about it,” said Tim Leonard, Athletic Director at Towson University. “Thanks to the hard work of my Sports Information Directors and soci

Branding in an Age of Panic

We are currently living in unprecedented times, so it’s understandable that people are feeling a little insecure about the future. Ever the optimist, I believe we’ll get through this moment in time a little wiser, stronger, and more grateful for what we have. As a marketing and pu