3 Reasons Why Personal Brand Consulting Can Help Your Career

The concept of personal branding is not a fad. I should know, I live it every day. That said, most people are still unclear as to why they should invest time, money, or both into developing their personal brand. Your personal brand is the one professional asset you own. Its success or failure

Remaining World Class: How athletes can proactively transition their personal brand into retirement

Whether your professional athletic career ends due to injury or through planned retirement, stepping away from the proverbial spotlight for many can be traumatic. One way to lessen the sting of this life change is to have a plan

Building a Coaches’ Brand for More Effective Recruiting 

Nowadays, coaches have to worry not only about outsmarting opponents on the field. They also must outwork rivals on social media, using videos, graphics, and hashtags to attract the best players. With most top-tier programs in the know, how can your program stand out? The answer lies with str

Quick and Easy Personal Brand Fixes

I’m frequently asked for quick and easy tips to build, grow, or repair a person’s brand. While I’m not a believer in quick and easy when it comes to personal brand success, there are a few minor tweaks you can make right now that can have a significant impact. Face First. Fa

How Frenemies Benefit Your Brand

An inevitable side-effect of success is having to deal with those who wish you had a little less of it. As we grow and change within our professional journey, it’s natural to develop relationships with those who keep their friends close and their enemies even closer. The ‘frenemy&

Budgeting for Your Personal Brand

It’s that time of the year when individuals and organizations are thinking of ways to use their remaining 2017 marketing and PR budget, plan for 2018, or both. When thinking of these funds, your personal brand or those of your employees or clients should be at the top of your priority l

Thoughts Are Not Your Own

With so much outrageous news making headlines lately, it’s only natural that many of us take to our social media platforms to air our frustrations or express our opinions. Believe me, I know it’s hard to resist social media’s allure of immediate gratification. I mean, just a


FIRESTARTER, GLOBAL SPORTS MANAGEMENT ANNOUNCE FORMAL PARTNERSHIP Partnership will expand GSM’s offerings to include personal brand services Washington, DC-Virginia-based personal brand consulting firm Firestarter announced today an exciting partnership with international sports agency,

Personal Brand Bootcamp

In today’s online world your personal brand is being developed with or without your participation. Get in the driver’s seat and learn how to create and grow your most valuable professional asset: your brand. In this session attendees will learn step-by-step how to build and mainta

We’re All Toothpaste

Over the past several weeks there has been conflicting information regarding whether personal brand building is relevant to professional services professionals. Forbes Magazine recently released an article outlining the PR Trends for 2018. The very first trend mentioned was personal