Taking Your Personal Brand Beyond the Basics

Kudos, if this is not your first rodeo when it comes to personal brand development. You’ve got thousands of Twitter followers. Your LinkedIn account is world-class. You’ve been paid to speak a time or two. You may even have additional content like a book or a podcast. You’ve created your narrative and have doubled down on its appeal. You’ve created the choir and have spoken to it more times than you can recall.

So now what? You want to continue to create and grow but have clearly hit a plateau.

How do you take your great personal brand and make it even greater? Below are a few ideas that just might help.

Embrace the plateau. You’ve likely been running and gunning for a long time now and your ideas have becoming stale. Embrace this time to allow yourself to briefly step away, recharge, and allow the creative juices to start flowing again. A brief lull is not entirely a bad thing. Like you, your audience needs a moment to take a breather and fall in love with you all over again.

Revisit your goals. Why are you on this trajectory to begin with? Were the goals that you started out with the same as they are today? Is your target audience the same as it once was? Like you, your brand and your audience have evolved. While on this plateau, take a moment to reflect on what you’re hoping to gain, your position in the marketplace, and what tactics and tools are necessary to help you advance.

Invest in video. I know, I know. Every marketing professional in the world is telling you to invest in video. And they’re right to do so! Video, and video-specific platforms like YouTube, will only continue to grow in popularity. This is not a trend that just focuses on the young. Video and video-based platforms are growing in popularity across all demographics around the world. As you likely know, video allows you tell your narrative in a more succinct, efficient, and creative way than almost any other medium. If you haven’t engaged in video, now is the time to see how it could fit into your content offerings.

Create partnerships. Creating a strategic partnership with an adjacent personal brand or company can provide the jolt that your brand needs. A partnership has two very obvious benefits: It allows for new and creative content and grants you access to a new and engaged audience. A partnership also enables you to look behind the curtain of another brand to see how you may adjust your tactics.

Look overseas. You likely haven’t exhausted your American audience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look to international markets for visibility. Appear on podcasts, promote your book, and speak at conferences. If nothing else, international opportunities will provide you with new and fresh content to engage or reengage your American followers.

Every personal brand eventually hits a plateau. If this is your first, welcome to the club. If this isn’t your first, you know you must channel your inner Madonna and reinvent your why. If you can’t remember your why, then let’s grab a beer and talk about it. The point is that you have to keep going if you want to keep growing. Happy creating!


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