Real Engagement is The New Black

So, you’ve lost some Twitter Followers…

If you’ve noticed a drop in your Twitter followers recently it’s likely due to the platform’s recent crackdown on suspicious accounts. While this is the social media platform’s largest effort to date, it isn’t the first time Twitter has completed this type of purge. And as our lives continually expand online, it probably won’t be the last.

The plummet in ultra visible followers like athletes, celebrities, and politicians has been met with mixed reviews. Some view it as a way to humble the giant by exposing its purchased followers. Others view it as a welcomed sign of the times.

We mortals have not been spared from this social media cleansing. Professional services providers like doctors, lawyers, and journalists have also seen double and triple-digit losses.

What, if anything, does this mean for your brand? And how, if at all, should you respond?

The short answer is: Just keep building.

If you’ve lost followers (and know that you bought them), make a plan to be better. Create a strategy to develop better content and engage more with your followers— online and off. You don’t need any statement, explanation, or third-party vendor to blame. You just need to do better.

If you’ve lost followers (and know you didn’t purchase them), keep being awesome. Keep posting the great content you’ve been doing all along and keep engaging with your followers.

If you didn’t lose followers, congratulations. You must be a lovely, delightful and authentic person.

Moving forward, my prediction is that these kinds of social media purges will be a constant reality. Provide yourself a little insurance policy by conducting your own purges. Real engagement is the new black, so do what you can to put forth the most authentic version of yourself and your followers.

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