Summertime brand building

Summertime is the perfect time for your personal brand

Summertime. The glorious three months of the year where our lives get a little slower and a whole lot more enjoyable. We all take a moment to breathe and can actually hear ourselves think.

So, naturally this is the perfect time to create a strategy for your personal brand! Not so much? Well, hear me out. You’re likely already thinking about the tasks I outlined before. Now is just the time to move from thought to strategy to action. Laying by the pool or being the passenger on a long car trip are the perfect time to be thinking through how you’d like to tackle your brand strategy for the fall and winter.

Below are a few simple steps to get you on the right track.

Develop a one year plan 

Why just one year? Your brand needs to be constantly evolving, so focusing one year at a time gives you a manageable timeframe in which to work. Envisioning where would you like to be in your career, life, or both a year from now is the vital first step in developing your personal brand strategic plan.

For those who already know a major shift is coming, i.e. Career change, going back to school, taking a sabbatical, moving, etc., you may want to only plan six months in advance as this new experience may shift where you’d like your brand to go.

Revisit your personas 

Who are you? Or at least who do you want people to think you are? And why should they believe that you are these things? In order to be most effective, your personas and your plans need to be in sync.

For example, let’s say you’re about to retire after 10 successful seasons playing a professional sport. You’ve decided to launch a tech company. Problem is you have neither a business nor an engineering degree or background. You have an idea and access to those who can assist you, but you still need to be established as an influencer in this industry. While not impossible, this just means that there is much work to do to educate your audiences as to why they should believe that you are a thought leader in this industry.

Create effective content

When you have a goal in mind you are less likely to create “junk” content. Junk content is usually filler creative, i.e. images, video, blog posts, that doesn’t provide any value to your target audience and/or your designated goal. Whether you’re sharing and/or commenting on content created by others or your own original content, you want to make sure that it fulfills your plan and personas. Otherwise you’re just creating noise which will ultimately turn your audiences off.

Not every single post is going to be a home run.

But if you plan out your content on a calendar or even a Word Doc you are more likely to be creating posts that are useful, entertaining, and/or more personalized to your audience. Also, if you stay focused on your analytics you’ll begin to see a pattern of what is working for you and what isn’t.

Start developing discipline

With less on your plate during the summer you’ll be more successful developing the daily discipline brand building requires. Your ability to post consistently and engage regularly is truly the secret sauce to brand growth, so take the time now to develop positive habits before you’re once again bogged down by the hustle and bustle of fall and winter.

Your personal brand is being created for you via social media and your in-person presence, so you might as well place yourself in the driver’s seat. Use these remaining lazy summer days to decide how you are going to take control. Need help getting starter or getting organized? Give me a call.

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