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NCAA vs Alston: What that means for name, image, and likeness

Today, March 31, 2021, the Supreme Court will finally hear the arguments in the antitrust case of NCAA vs. Alston. For those who are unaware, back in January, the NCAA voted to indefinitely delay providing guidance regarding how student-athletes could profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL) citing concerns prompted by a letter from the Department of Justice related to the possible antitrust implications of changing its rules.

Knowing what we know, what can those in the collegiate sports and sports marketing communities expect in the short- and long-term following today’s arguments:

The reality is, for current DI student-athletes or those in the recruitment process, it’s unlikely we’ll see significant division-wide change to NIL policies within the next six months to a year.

Regardless of the immediate outcomes, all DI programs should commit to providing student-athletes with access to equitable education and support services to help create, build, and manage their brands for life-long success.

Stop by my blog next week as I provide student-athletes with multiple ways they can tuneup their brand to prepare for whatever is to come. 





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